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Li-ion Battery Intelligent ManufacturingSolution

A Li-ion battery turnkey solution provider with full independent intellectual properties and over 60% market share in core equipment, LEAD is committed to providing our customers with Li-ion battery manufacturing equipment from cell making, cell assembly, cell testing to module/PACK and smart logistics system. We furthermore help our customers to build intelligent factory with self-made MES system.


PV ManufacturingSolution

LEAD is a leading turnkey solution provider in photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing and focuses on turnkey solutions of developing and manufacturing high-efficient PV cell/assembly. LEAD's TOPCon high-efficient cell solution, high-speed stringer and all-in-shingling modules all reach world-leading level. And with its self-developed MES, intelligent logistics , its laser and machine vision technology, LEAD is capable of helping PV companies to build "unmanned workshops".


3C EquipmentSolution

Strategic partner of global top 3C industry clients; focusing on four major industries: consumer electronics, automotive electronics, semiconductor-related industry, and precision sensing devices.Also dedicated to vision measurement, precision fluid, imaging test, AI defect detection, new-type surface treatment, 3D lamination, reliability test and whole line integration; possessed with a number of core technologies including independent 3D vision algorithm platform, AI algorithm platform, and um-level multi-axis motion control system.


Module & PackSolution

In the field of new energy automobile and key assembly intelligent equipment, LEAD has self-developed visual software platform, dynamics/thermodynamics/fluid dynamics simulation, big data analysis, smart logistics and MES, with the aim to offering turnkey solutions with homemade online equipment. You are invited to explore more about LEAD's solutions in areas including module/PACK/CTP intelligent production line, new energy electric drive intelligent production line and automobile new intelligent equipment.


Fuel Cell EquipmentSolution

LEAD has been active in promoting fuel cells industrialization based on its R&D, manufacturing and comprehensive service capabilities, and is able to provide equipment for process verification as well as lab/pilot/mass production line. It has now provided fuel cell turnkey solutions for many renowned companies at home and abroad, with its turnkey solutions covering MEA production line, BPP line integration, PEM making, GDL making, high-precision stack assembly, system assembly, stack and system testing and activation platform.


Smart LogisticsSolution

World-leading smart plant turnkey solution provider and with its focus on "flexible manufacturing" and "smart manufacturing", LEAD commits itself to providing solutions to headaches in warehousing and production logistics management from aspects of information, resource, production and inventory management, in order to enhance logistics operation efficiency, inventory accuracy and turnover, helping customers to realize the goal of a more transparent, real-time, visualized and flexible management and intelligent plant.


Laser Precision ProcessingSolution

LEAD has been precision-focused for two decades. It integrates laser strengths to play in the laser chain and provide assembly equipment and turnkey solutions with its strenghs in vision algorithms and software development. With high-precision CNC system as the core, its fine processing of LED, consumer electronics, panels, semiconductors and PV equipment and relevant measuring and auto intelligent workshop solutions has taken into shape.


Connected FactorySolution

LEAD information team boast years of experiences in IT and manufacturing practices. They build LEAD MES based on a series of scientific management and practices and integrating intelligent automation technology, information and communication technology and li-ion battery manufacturing knowledge, which not only enhances intelligent manufacturing, but also promotes process integration and coordination from process planning, production adaptation and auto maintenance. The system helps companies to improve production efficiency, reduce cost and realize intelligent manufacturing with accessible data.